He answered...never a word" (Matt. 27:14).

     Not a railing for railing; not a word.  How much is lost by a word!  Be still!  Keep quiet!  If they smite you on one cheek turn the other also.  Never retort!  Never mind your reputation or your character, they are in His hands; you mar them by trying to retain them.
Do not strive.  Open not your mouth.  Silence!  A word will grieve, disturb the gentle dove.  Hush---not a word!
     Are you misunderstood?  Never mind!  Will it hurt your influence and weaken your power for good?  Leave it to Him---His to take care and take charge.
     Are you wronged and your good name tarnished?  All right!  Be it yours to be meek and lowly; simple and gentle---not a word!  Let Him keep you in perfect peace; stay your mind on Him; trust in Him.
Not a word of argument, debate, or controversy.  Mind your own business.  Be still!
     Never judge, condemn, arraign, censure.  Not a word!  Never a disparaging remark of another.  As you would others should do to you, so you do.
     Pause!  Be still!  Selah!  Not a word, emphatically; not even a look that will mar the sweet serenity of the soul.  Get still!  Know God!  Keep silence before Him!  Stillness is better than noise.
     Not a word of murmuring or complaining in supplication; not a word of nagging or persuading.  Let language be simple, gentle, quiet; you utter not a word, but give Him opportunity to speak.  Hearken to hear His voice.
     This is the way to honor and to know Him.  Not a word---not the least word!  Listen to obey.  Words make trouble.  Be still!  This is the voice of the Spirit.
     Restlessness, fret, worry, make the place of His abiding unpleasant.  He is to keep in perfect peace; take it not out of His hands.

I rode with a dear brother in the cars,
and poured my weighty burdens in his ears. 
I took his earnest advice to my heart. 
His counsel was not the mind of the Spirit,
and when I returned to my seat in the car the Spirit gently said to me:
"So you went to him!  Could you not trust me?" 
I confessed, was forgiven, restored. 
And I determined
never again to take my case out of His hands.

"Ye are my witnesses."  Witness in love.  Not a word!  And, like the dew of the morning, or the sweet breeze of eventide, you will be quietly blessed, and you will be so glad that you uttered---never a word!

"Let me no wrong or idle word
Unthinking say;
Set Thou a seal upon my lips,
Just for today."